Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love and Literature

I am writing a poem
I am writing a prose,
Its going to be about you
Its going to be about our love.

I will describe it in one verse
I will describe it in two verses,
I hope a paragraph will be enough,
Or maybe I will write a story, a short ballad,
It may not be perfect but it will be just enough.

How about I put my words in a sonnet
Not just one, how about a whole lot?
I will put in some words so compassionate,
It will just make your heart melt
At least that's what I hope it will do.

I can write a play
Make it like Romeo and Juliet,
Write it so that everybody lives happily in the end
Why should anyone die for our love to be eternally remembered?.


  1. You know, I won't lie, but I don't really understand poems. But, by reading this, I could get your point, and could you know easily understand the emotions, and the turmoil of feelings you were going through while writing it down. So, just keep doing what you love. :)