Monday, June 6, 2011

Life of me.

I wake up to a sunny day
my heart empty, my eyes full
just an ordinary day in my life.

I walk out to the street,
I see people scurrying like rats in a steel pipe
each one with no aim just an empty destiny
Put on a plastic smile, a beautiful art, if i must say,
greet the wolves in disguise
oh if they would only show their true selves.

I arrive at my destination, the dreaded school
a institution for intellectual fools
I stroll through the hall ways, hiding from the bright faces,
marking my every step the eyes of the cameras follow me
would it kill them, to just leave me alone.

Entering the classroom I am greeted by the resonating voices
echoing on the walls, perpetually, no end
I can't even do anything about it, but hope it gets over fast
but time was never my friend, oh no, it just loves to go slow.

The bell rings, the class ends, its finally over,
I get up and walk out, see your angelic face in the far corner,
I try and get close to you, but you just keep going far away,
the distance it just gets bigger and bigger,
what a strange paradox,
what keeps me alive, I am afraid will be the death of me.

Suddenly you fade away, and I start falling,
I don't know how or where, but why should I care,
if you are not with me, the world its just a myth.

I wake up, its over my nightmare, its ended,
my love, she is gone, never to be seen again,
I get up from the bed,

my heart empty, my eyes full
just an ordinary day in my life. 



  1. wow.. a very nice and realistic poem..:)

  2. Amazing, as well. I've run out of nice things to say at this point :P